High Tech and Electronics Manufacturing

VISIBILITY.net is ideal for electronics companies and offers tremendous depth and breadth in design, procurement, supply chain, distribution, production and financials.

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In order to thrive in a very competitive landscape, high tech and electronics manufacturing companies must be nimble. The challenges that electronics companies face include increased competition, reduced margins and the reality that their customer base requires more customization while at the same time expected shorter delivery lead times. This creates some unique scenarios when it comes to implementing an ERP solution.

At Visibility, our solution understands these realities and is ideal for the complex electronics manufacturing company, one who is dealing with customer pressures, regulatory compliance and increased quality demands. Be they assemble, make, configure or engineer to order, the electronics manufacturing company must have unparalleled access to information, information that crosses departmental and company barriers. Electronics, Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Electronic Components; Visibility has the expertise to ensure that your implementation delivers on the payback, the results and the operational efficiency expected.

Industry specific functionality:

  • Multi-Level Bill of Materials
  • Integration with CAD/EPDM Software
  • Available to Promise
  • Comprehensive Support for Kanban
  • Serial Number & Warranty Tracking
  • Compliance with Regulatory & Industry Standards
  • Blankeet Order Management
  • Complex Pricing and Costing Support

The VISIBILITY.net product and technology foundation provides companies a significant competitive advantage by providing the following features:

  • Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Personalization
  • Corporate Governance
  • Service Oriented Architecture

Whether you have a question about ERP Solutions, Business Intelligence or Enterprise Services, a Visibility Specialist will be available to provide you with an answer.