Fabricated Metal Manufacturing

Visibility understands that metal fabricators require software that is flexible and scalable in order to manage multiple customer requirements simultaneously while meeting delivery deadlines, engineering and design requirements and strict quality standards.

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VISIBILITY.net for Metal Fabricators is the leading-edge technology enterprise solution that goes beyond traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) to significantly optimize business performance and dramatically enhance performance.

Industry specific functionality:

  • Comprehensive Support for Kanban
  • Project Accounting
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • Comprehensive Quality Control

The VISIBILITY.net product and technology foundation provides companies a significant competitive advantage by providing the following features:

  • Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Personalization
  • Corporate Governance
  • Service Oriented Architecture

VISIBILITY.net provides ERP services for metal fabricators with tactical insight, the ability to differentiate with increased productivity and the flexibility needed to achieve business goals. VISIBILITY.net provides strategic advantage across the entire enterprise. Business integration, comprehensive functionality, collaborative capabilities, global features and compliance based controls enable effective decision making, increased organizational productivity and a system infrastructure optimized for profitable business growth.

Whether you have a question about ERP Solutions, Business Intelligence or Enterprise Services, a Visibility Specialist will be available to provide you with an answer.